Monday, April 8, 2013

Bagh Prints @ Madhya Pradesh

Hand block prints originally on cotton, now available in tussar, crepe and silk too. Vegetable dyes from Indigo, turmeric roots, pomegranate skin, lac, iron, tamarind seed powder, glue give it the characteristic rust/red/black/cream coloured look.

It takes three weeks to complete making a Bagh print saree after it has been printed. It is the time taken for washing away excess colour, boiling, regulated bhatti (oven) treatment for proper colours to emerge.

For history lovers - This painstakingly manual process involved in making this saree originated in the tribal town of Bagh, dhar district, Madhya Pradesh. Water used from the nearby Bagh river (a tributary of Narmada) plays a vital role owing to its mineral composition.

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